Our District

Organized and constructed in 1922, our district includes three schools—Walter J. Meyer Elementary (K–8th), Huachuca City Elementary (pre-K–8th), and Tombstone High School (9th–12th). Our district covers a large geographical area of more than 510 square miles, including the communities of Coronado, Fairbank, Gleeson, Huachuca City, Presidential Estates, Whetstone, Woody Hills, and Tombstone, Arizona.

Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio

We currently educate more than 803 students with 47 certified teachers, which translates to a very low student-to-teacher ratio of 14:1. In addition to our belief that all students can achieve academically, we also help them find and develop talents in a wide variety of areas, including athletics, art, vocational, and more.

We Believe

Students Learn Best When:

  • Provided with diverse, relevant activities and materials that pique their interest and desires
  • Multiple learning styles and intelligences are recognized and accommodated
  • Their basic needs (i.e. readiness, nutrition, safety, and support of family) are met

Effective Teachers and Effective Staff:

  • Communicate with—and respect—students, colleagues, staff, and community
  • Rejuvenate their knowledge, ideas, materials, and procedures
  • Practice on-going self-evaluations
  • Motivate and challenge students to succeed
  • Equip students with problem-solving skills
  • Know all students can learn

Effective Ways to Access Student Learning Include:

  • Multiple types of assessments (i.e. observational matrices, hands-on assessments, performance assessments, developed rubrics, student self-assessment, portfolios, student-led conferences, standardized testing)
  • Options for lifelong learning
  • Student progress toward employability

The Most Authentic & Relevant Content for Students:

  • Relates to student experiences and is child-centered, useful, practical, and challenging
  • Is adaptable and continues throughout pre-K–12 levels