About Walter J. Meyer Elementary School

Walter J. Meyer Elementary School serves 120-140 students in kindergarten through eighth grade. From academics to athletics, we provide diverse and comprehensive programs to our students with a dedicated staff that has high expectations for student success. We emphasize high academic standards while developing well-rounded individuals with positive self-worth and self-discipline.

Our Academic Goals

Our school philosophy is a traditional approach that utilizes self-contained classrooms with site-based academic outcomes. Our academic goals, as a staff and administration, include collaboration with staff, parents, students, and community members that will ensure best practices for our students. Our programs help to ensure that we provide a student-centered learning environment that fosters personal development and serves as a model of cultural diversity.

Message from Our Principal

Dear Parents, Students, and Community,

It is my pleasure to be your principal and to welcome you to our website.

My focus for Walter J. Meyer is to improve upon the campus facility and ensure that our staff members are teaching at their greatest potential so that the students have more than enough opportunity to succeed. We have made many improvements on campus for comfort, safety, security, and aesthetics. These improvements have helped to keep the morale high among students and staff and provide a more enjoyable area for children to play. If you haven’t yet taken the opportunity, please take a look at the new front office off of North street; see the change in color scheme of our buildings. What was once all brown is now a brighter green and light grey. Check out our playground with the new grassy kickball field, and enjoy the new heating and AC unit in our gym and cafeteria.

In addition to campus improvements, we are focusing as a staff to unify our curriculum, pacing calendars with the rest of the district, and ensuring that we teach the state standards in a more effective manner to maximize student benefit. We strive to close the knowledge gaps that students have as they transfer in from other schools or states. We are closely monitoring the progress of every student to ensure that there is academic growth in reading and mathematics.

Feel free to come in to speak with me anytime. Although my time is divided between Walter J. Meyer and the high school, my office at either location is available for anyone who has a need or interest in speaking with me.


Scot Roppe

Scot Roppe, Principal